Christmas DT afternoon

We have had a fantastic afternoon in Eagles Class making some Christmas themed wheelies! Miss Hagen has shown us how to make little Christmas characters that we can race against each other. Some of our parents and grandparents came to join us too which was a real treat.

Have a look at some of the photos here. Leave a comment about what you think or, if you are in Year 6, leave a comment about how you found the afternoon.

Merry Christmas!



At St John’s Academy, Year 5 and 6 have been performing the musical, Oliver! What have you learnt whilst you have been practicing the performance, learning the script and songs or acting on the stage? Are there any English or History skills that you have acquired during this time? Let me know what a fantastic time you have had learning through drama and leave me as much detail and examples as possible. I look forward to reading them.

Ten Minutes A Day

Autumn term sees the start of our ‘Ten Minutes a Day’ reading pledge.
Please comment below on books you have been sharing at home. You need to write the title of the book and then could comment on your favourite character or part of the book. The class with the most comments will receive some money to spend on new books!
The closing date for the challenge is Friday 21st October, so what are you waiting for? Get reading and commenting, we can’t wait to hear about the books you are reading!